Mission Statement

USA Goaltimate is the national organization for the sport of goaltimate. Our mission is to create goaltimate playing opportunities for all levels of play and to support the growth of the game through resources, outreach, and education.

Core values:

  • To establish the foundation for long-term sustainability through regulations, innovation, and expansion.
  • To provide competitive opportunities for every level of athlete.
  • To build a safe, inclusive, and respectful community.
  • To be a leader in gender equity and inclusivity at all levels of the game.
  • To create meaningful community partnerships.
  • To provide a positive environment for all members.


USA Goaltimate is looking for Ambassadors across the country – are you the point of contact for pickup or a league?  If so, we’d love to have you join our ambassadors to connect players to local playing opportunities across the country.  No scene in your community yet?  We can help you get started and become an ambassador for the sport!

Fill out the form here and we’ll follow up with you.  Questions or ideas about the Ambassador program? Contact outreach@usagoaltimate.org

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Gender Equity

Gender equity is a top priority of USA Goaltimate.  This is a topic that many of our Operations Team members have been involved in within the context of the ultimate community. Our gender equity task force has been working to develop a pilot study to further create inclusivity in all of our leagues and tournaments.

As part of our commitment to gender equity, the following items are on deck:

  • Published results from our pilot study to share with the community at large.
  • Future data collect and analyses of on-field involvement by gender.
  • Gender equitable competition opportunities.
  • Equal media coverage of all divisions.
  • Youth Mixed initiatives to promote and inspire inclusivity at the youth level.

Passionate about gender equity in goaltimate?  We want to hear your voice!  Email Bert Abbott to get involved!