The one pivotal thing you need to play goaltimate is the hoop itself. Building a kit on your own is cheap and easy, and there are no tools necessary if you have access to a “big box” hardware store like Home Depot or Lowe’s.

Total time you’ll need to complete this project is between 45 minutes and 1 hour.

Shopping List:

4  – 1″ PVC Schedule 200 pipe, 10′ long
8-10 – 1″ PVC Couplings (you’ll want to get extra in case they break)
2 – 3/8″ pointed steel rod, 3′ long
1 – 3 lb Drilling Hammer (looks like a miniature sledgehammer)

Step 1

Locate the 4 10′ segments of PVC in the plumbing department. The 1″ PVC couplings will be close by in the same section. Load everything on a cart and head over to the aisle where wood trim is kept.

Schedule 200 and Schedule 40 PVC  refer to the thickness of the pipe. Either will work, but Schedule 200 is much lighter.

Couplings are often sold in contractor packs. You’ll definitely want to get more than 8, as they are the part of the kit most likely to break over time.

Once you have everything in the plumbing department, you’re looking for the self-serve cutting cart in the wood trim section of the store.

Step 2

Use the handsaw on the self-serve saw cart in the wood trim section to cut the 10′ PVC sections into 8 4′ segments. Most self-serve carts have a tape measure chained to them.

If there’s no tape measure on the cart, go borrow one from an associate.

After you cut the first segment, you can use it as a guide for all your others.

Step 3

Congrats! You’re now done with the construction aspects of the kit. Easy right?

Load up all your segments on the cart, and see if can find a place to trash the 2′ PVC segments left over from your original 10′ pieces. You won’t need them.

You’ll need to go to two separate departments to buy your last two items. The pointed 3/4″ diameter steel rods will be in the garden section of the store. The 3 lb drill hammer, which looks like a miniature sledgehammer, will be in the tools section.

Step 4


You are now the proud owner of a PVC goaltimate kit. Unfortunately, they are terribly difficult to carry around without a large duffelbag or other carry-all. Over time, a number of communities have gravitated toward using golf club bags to haul kits. Resale shops like Goodwill or Salvation Army will almost always have one available – and they tend to run between $5-$10 depending on its condition.

Check the sporting goods section for a golf bag.

Be sure to measure the mouth opening of the golf bag to make sure it can accommodate 8 1″ diameter pipes. It never hurts to bring one of your new PVC pipes with you.

Step 5

To assemble the kit, simply put a coupling on 7 of the 8 PVC segments (the segments on the ends of the hoop do not need couplings), then throw all the equipment in your new golf club bag and you’re good to play!

Attach a coupling to the end of 7 of the 8 PVC segments

Throw the PVC segments, the two 3′ steel stakes, your extra couplings, and the mini sledgehammer in the bag and you’re ready to go.