USA Goaltimate Field Set Up

Full field diagram illustrated below.


For a complete Goaltimate field you will need the following supplies:

  • 6 tall cones
  • 7 short “volcano” cones
  • Goaltimate hoop
  • Stakes or turf buckets


Download Field Diagram

Field Dimensions: 

  • Exterior perimeter is 52 yards tall by 26 yards wide.
  • Hoop is placed 13 yards away from one end of the short side of the perimeter, with the 7 yard endzone extending back toward the same perimeter line.
  • Clearing box is placed on the opposite side of the perimeter, extending 8 yards from the back perimeter line, and encompassing the full width of the field

Hoop Dimensions: 

  • Hoop should be placed perpendicular to the long orientation of the field.
  • Ends of hoop are placed 18 feet away from each other. When set up, the hoop itself will be 11 feet tall at it’s highest point.
  • Back of endzone is 7 yards away from the front of the hoop.
  • Side cones should be placed 2 feet away from the edges of the hoop, and cones set up to fill in the ‘arch’ between the back of the endzone and the side cones close to the hoop.