Matthew Sewell

Director of Operations


Life long ultimate organizer and enthusiastic goaltimate advocate, Matthew “Skip” Sewell brings his breadth of experience to help guide USA Goaltimate’s operations team.

Sam Cooper

Business Operations


Sam “Scoops” Cooper is pumped to combine his expertise in consulting with his love for Goaltimate. Sam has advised some of the biggest brands in the world, including multiple Fortune 500 companies, and brings this experience to bear in ensuring the long term sustainability of USAG.

Roberta Abbott

Mixed Division Director


As Mixed Division Director, Bert brings years of experience playing in the mixed division of ultimate at all levels, ranging from casual to competitive, and is an avid goaltimate player in every minute of spare time she has.

Claire Chastain

Women’s Division Director


Playing pick-up goaltimate in Wilmington, NC, Claire Chastain fell in love with the game that runs at a faster pace, on a smaller field, and showcases more creative throws. Now a goaltimate enthusiast, Claire brings passion and perspective to her role as the Women’s Division Director from years of experience playing women’s ultimate.  Claire is excited to contribute to the USA Goaltimate gender equity initiative and help create more opportunities for women to get into the game.

Noah Saul

Events Director


Current club ultimate and AUDL stand-out Noah Saul brings over 10 years of experience successfully organizing tournaments and leagues. Noah is excited to contribute to the growth of the Goaltimate community and build competition in the sport.

Liam Rosen

Technology Team


Editor-in-Chief for Skyd Magazine and goaltimate player since 2014, Liam is passionate about using technology to help local organizers facilitate league registration, payment processing, scoring, and scheduling.

Rules Committee

Bil Elsinger

Rules Committee


Bil has been playing Goalty on a weekly basis for the last six years (and has been a kit-mule for the last few).  He brings a variety of flatball related experience and has been involved in rules-enforcement in multiple disc organizations.

Peter Washington

Rules Committee


Now happily retired from a 14-year career as an ultimate player and Observer, Peter Washington discovered and fell in love with goaltimate over a decade ago.  He has been a frequent contributor to disc sports rules discussions and is glad to share his perspective to help fine-tune a definitive ruleset for his favorite sport.

Colin McIntyre

Rules Committee


Colin has worked on Ultimate rules and observing for nearly a decade. He has served locally as “the guy with the Goaltimate kit” organizing pickup for many years, and he is excited to support efforts to spread organized playing opportunities into more communities.