Rule Highlights

Goaltimate has evolved very differently in each community since the official rule set was codified by Rick Conner in the mid 1990’s. USA Goaltimate is in the process of solidifying a universal rule set that incorporates the best of what’s been developed in each locality and combines it to form a game that is fast-paced and fun to play at all levels. For now, the highlights of that rule set are listed below:

  • If a player catches a disc in the goal that has hit the hoop but passes through, the catch is a goal.
  • If a player hits the hoop (but does not destroy it/move it out of position to the point of pausing play to readjust) on his way to scoring a goal. The catch is considered a goal.
  • If a player catches the disc in the air and lands in the endzone, the catch is considered a goal as long as the disc travels through the hoop either before it was caught or after it was caught but before the receiver lands (i.e. player is allowed to carry the disc through the goal in the air).
  • Throwers may not break the plane of the hoop when passing for a goal. If so, a violation is called that invalidates the goal. The receiver starts with the disc with a fresh stall count.
  • A two point goal that is mac’ed by either an offensive or defensive player is still worth two points.
  • Moving picks are illegal and may be called by the defense. “Violation” must be called. “Pick” is not a legal call so as not to prevent defense from communicating picks. Play stops and players reposition themselves back to the time of the call.
  • If an offensive 3 second violation in the hoop area is called on an offensive cutter, he must clear the endzone/hoop area before he is eligible to score. A player catching a goal after a 3 second violation results is a non-score and a stopped disc. The receiver starts with the disc and a fresh stall count.
  • Defensive 3 second violation or goaltending may be called by the offense on a defensive player who is in the endzone, but not within 10 feet of an offensive player. The offending player must leave the endzone/hoop area or regain 10 ft positioning from offensive player.
  • Stall count is 5 and can be counted by any person on the field from anywhere. Only one person can count at a time. If two stall counts are initiated, the lower of the two is official.
  • A player subbing must touch hands with the subee in the subsitution box in order to be considered live on the playing field. Subees may not leave the sub box until they are touched. Violations of this will result in a 15 second penalty in which the offending team plays with only 3 players.

We at USA Goaltimate are fully committed to making sportsmanship and Spirit of the Game™ an integral part of our rule sets.

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Rules Committee

Our rules committee brings a wealth of experience from members previously involved in influencing the current USA Ultimate and AUDL rule sets.

Learn more about who’s involved in the process by checking out the Meet the Team section of our site.